All Shall Burn EP - 10" VINYL [SIGNED]

All Shall Burn EP - 10" VINYL [SIGNED]

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The "All Shall Burn" 10" vinyl - SIGNED!
Signed exclusive edition.

Due to COVID-19 putting large parts of Europe in total lock down, ELEINE only managed to get halfway through the European tour in February/March 2020 before the remaining dates were forced to be canceled.

So now for a limited time only, ELEINE can offer merch in their web shop only available otherwise at live shows.

If you're one of the beautiful fans that aren’t able to join meet & greets in the foreseeable future or were planning to participate at any of the cancelled shows - here's YOUR chance to get a signed copy of the “All Shall Burn” EP.
Only 65 vinyls available left of this limited edition 10" vinyl.

Get your hands on these before they're sold out at this webshop!